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ATM/Debit Cards

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With our bank cards, the power of State Bank & Trust Co. is always in your pocket. Simple to use and safe, our ATM and debit cards are perfect for easy transactions and everyday expenses.

Debit Cards

State Bank & Trust Co. Debit Cards are accepted at any ATM that displays the Cirrus or Shazam logo, worldwide. Additionally there is no ATM charge at Privileged Status ATMs and no monthly or annual fees*. All debit cards are now equipped with the added security of an EMV chip. 

*If you use an ATM not owned by State Bank & Trust Co., the owner of the ATM may charge you a transaction fee. There is a $3 fee per deposit exceeding three deposits per cycle made at non-State Bank & Trust Co. ATMs. 

Shazam Bolt$

Like a high-tech early-warning system, SHAZAM BOLT$ immediately sends alerts for any potentially fraudulent activity.  When cardholders are aware of suspicious activity, they can contact their financial institution and put a stop to it!

You can automatically receive email notifications anytime for:

  • Card not present transactions (mail/phone/internet orders)
  • International transactions
  • Transactions that exceed a dollar amount you establish
  • Potentially fraudulent transactions

There is no cost to apply for Shazam Bolt$. Register Today!

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ATM Cards

Gain quick, almost-anywhere access to your bank account. Check your balance or make a transfer to another account. With an ATM card, you can manage your bank accounts from any ATM in Iowa, or any Cirrus™ or Shazam™  ATM worldwide.

ATM/ Debit Card Comparison
ATM Card EMV Debit Card
No Transaction Fees* No Transaction Fees*
No ATM Charges at SBT or Privileged Status ATMs No ATM Charges at SBT or Privileged Status ATMs
Accepted at any ATM that displays the Cirrus or Shazam logo worldwide Accepted at any ATM that displays the Cirrus or Shazam logo worldwide
If a merchant accepts MasterCard, they'll accept your State Bank & Trust Co. debit card. Insert the EMV chip or swipe the card and funds will be withdrawn from your checking account.
Detailed transaction information appears on your monthly statement
Purchase Rewards
Shazam Bolt$- Register your card Today!
$15 Annual Fee

$15 Annual fee or Free**

Non-State Bank & Trust Co. ATM deposits in excess of three per statement cycle - $3.00

*Other banks may charge a surcharge for ATM use.

**Fall below 10 debit card transactions per month there is a $2 monthly fee.

ATM Locations

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Credit Card


Whether you are looking to start building credit or you want to earn rewards whenever you spend money, you can learn about and apply for our credit cards here.

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