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Health Savings Accounts

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A Health Savings Account (HSA) enables you to pay for qualified medical expenses on a tax-free basis. You must be covered by a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) to be able to take advantage of an HSA. An HDHP generally costs less than traditional health care coverage, so the money that you save on insurance premiums can help fund the HSA.

To apply for a Health Savings Account, please contact us at 515-382-2191 and one of our bankers will be happy to assist you.

Benefits of Owning an HSA

Long-Term Savings:

Funds left to accumulate in an HSA grow tax-free^.


You decide whether to save the funds for future expenses or pay current expenses.


You decide how much to save and when to spend the funds. Subject to IRS contribution limits. 


Deductibility, earn tax-free interest, and tax-free withdrawals^. 

^Consult your tax advisor

State Bank & Trust HSA Features

  • No Setup Fee
  • Interest Earned Monthly with a Tiered Rate
  • Free 1st Debit Card
  • 2nd Debit Card $15.00 Annual Fee
  • Free Online Statements
  • Free Online Access
  • Minimum Opening Balance $50
  • Semi-Annual Maintenance Fee $5

Maximum Contributions

HSA Type 2024 2023 2022
Single HDHP $4,150* $3,850 $3,650
Family HDHP $8,300* $7,750 $7,300

Not sure if a High Deductible Health Plan is right for you?

Begin by visiting with your trusted insurance agent or Human Resource Department.

*If you’re 55 or older, you can deposit additional funds each year to help your account "catch up" before retirement. The maximum annual catch-up contribution is $1,000.

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