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Simple Cash Back Interest Rewards Premier
Overview A simple, worry-free account that rewards for debit card usage. An interest-bearing account that pays a higher interest rate for banking electronically. A traditional interest-bearing account with tiered interest rates based on balance. 
Benefits Receive $0.10 cash back with each settled debit card purchase posted to the account prior to the statement cycle end (up to $5 per statement, per account).

Special interest rate on the first $15,000 of balance during each statement cycle when the following criteria is met*: 

  • One direct deposit OR automatic withdrawal per statement cycle AND
  • 25 settled debit card purchases

*Balances above $15,000 will earn interest at the Interest Rewards market rate. If banking criteria is not met, all balances will earn at the Interest Rewards base rate.

Tiered interest rate.
Minimum Opening
$50 $50 $50
Minimum Balance No Minimum Balance No Minimum Balance $2,500 or $5,000 average daily balance.
Monthly Service Fees $0 $0 $10 monthly service fee if minimum balance is not maintained.
Monthly Activity Fees $0 $0 $0
Debit Card Included Included $15 Annual Fee
Statement Cycle 10th 15th 20th
Statement Type Online Statement

Online Statement Paper Statement
Online & Mobile Banking Included Included Included
Checks Available Yes, ask for pricing Yes, ask for pricing Yes, ask for pricing

*$4 Fee for Mailed Paper Statement if Online Statement is not selected.

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