State Bank & Trust Co.



     Central Elementary Multi-Age students will be performing throughout the day. Come join us!

       9:20  Entner

       9:40  Davis

      10:00  A. Myers

      10:50 Reicks     

      11:10  Knott

       1:10  Hamilton

       1:30  S. Myers

       1:50 King

       2:10  Christensen

       2:30  Sheldahl  

   Mobile Deposit is here! 

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   never be easier.     

   Just - Tap, Snap,

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Register your State Bank & Trust Debit card(s) with Shazam Bolt$ TODAY by downloading the Shazam Bolt$ app* from your app store.You can automatically receive email notifications anytime for:

  • Card not present transactions (mail/phone/internet orders)
  • International transactions
  • Transactions that exceed a dollar amount you establish
  • Potentially fraudulent transactions 

You know what you have purchased and will know right away whether a purchase is you can call immediately and put a stop to any fraud!

*Don't have a smartphone? You can still take advantage of all Shazam Bolt$ has to offer by following this link





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